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IMFS – Mumbai

    India March for Science (IMFS) 2023 was observed in Mumbai on 19.08.2023. Eminent scientists, research scholars, students from research institutes, Universities gathered in Wilson College to discuss and exchange about the demands raised by IMFS.

    Professor M S Raghunathan, eminent mathematician of the country, Padmashree, Padma Bhushan, first expressed his views on the science movement. He emphasised on the importance of the autonomy of the academic institutions for progress in science in the country. He also pointed out that the introduction of Indian knowledge system through NEP is affecting education in a negative way. Prof Sandhya Koushika, a practicing biologist in Department of Biological Sciences, TIFR talked about scientific temper and its need in society through a very creative presentation.  Prof S G Dani from CEBS Mumbai University spoke a few words regarding our IMFS activities in Mumbai.

    At the end of the seminar a poster demonstration was held in front of Munshi Saraswati Mandir Granthagar, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chowpatty. Professors, students from TIFR, CEBS, IIT Bombay and other colleges of Mumbai and other science enthusiasts participated in the event.

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