IMFS Chhattisgarh

March  For Science Organizing  committee Chhattisgarh  organized  an online discussion on “Why India March For Science ?” On 7 August 2021 at 4 :00 PM . In this webinar Dr. Radhakant Koner ( Secretariat member, Breakthrough Science Society All India Committee) , Dr Renu Nayar ( Professor, D. P.  Vipra college Bilaspur)and Mr Maifuz Ali(Asst. Prof.IIIT Raipur) were the speakers . March For Science organizing Committee, Chhattisgarh organized different types of programs on the occasion of the India March For Science on 9th August 2021 in 6 districts – Raipur, Bilaspur, Dhamtari , Korea , Durg and  Gariyaband.

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